The Calm Before The Storm

If you live on the east coast, chances are you are waiting for “Frankenstorm” to hit.

We made sure all of our vehicles had gas, went grocery shopping and did all of our dishes and laundry.

Fortunately (for us) it looks like the storm will be hitting a bit north of us, so we likely won’t have to worry about much weather, but better safe than sorry, right?

We spent some time putting posts in the ground and plotting out the fence line yesterday, making sure that whatever tree trunks and brush that is still out there won’t interfere.

Today is pretty grey and windy, but so far no rain.  Paul is working on more posts while he can, and I am enjoying some rare quiet time in the house.

Oona has been sick with some sort of virus that makes her tired and irritable, and she has spent a large portion of the day asleep on the couch with Gully.


So really we are in a state of “Watch and wait” to see what will happen with the storm.  I made pumpkin bread from a Trader Joe’s mix that Susan gave me (I added pumpkin seeds to the top – delicious!).

I worked on Emily’s Haloween costume a bit (sneak peak of her wig….)

And I have been working on the second sock of my Halloween pumpkin socks.


Hopefully we won’t lose power, but if we do, there’s plenty of candles and fuel for the fireplace.  Either way, we’re all cozy and toasty and enjoying a lazy fall SUnday.

Happy weekend!




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