The Darby Show

You’ll have to excuse us….and indulge a bit in our love for a certain little lamb.

Darby has made a complete recovery and is now officially our shadow.  He likes to follow me out to the garden, he likes to follow Emily while she feeds the chickens.

He is happy to let Oona and Neve bestow a suffocating amount of snuggles upon him.



It creates no end of amusement to the kids when he follows me into the house, or hangs out in the garage to see what Paul is up to, crying out little “maaaaas” every so often (it sounds just like a child calling his mom……spookily so some times).



Occasionally we’ll even find him standing at the back door, having gotten up on the deck but not knowing how to get back down.

He’s finally starting to put on weight and no longer nurses from his mama – though they do hang out and snuggle together.

Still, I’m not sure he realizes any longer that he’s a sheep!

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