School Kids

We have officially started school again and are working to settle into our routine.  I’m still driving Maddie to her classes at the community college (I know!  College student!  It was a really, really hard year to get her caught back up to speed, but I’m proud to have gotten her to where she is), so it’s a bit hectic these days, but we’ll get it figured out.  Maddie is waiting on some paperwork so she can get her license and then we’ll breathe a little easier.  The good news is that we have Susan completely moved out of her old house, so soon our days (though they will shorten daylight-wise) will get simpler, quieter, cozier, school-i-er.  Just the way I like them.



Oona is reading chapter books on her own now, which both amazes and delights me.  I can’t believe how once the idea of reading “clicked” with her she really took off with it.  Though she’s technically in first grade, last year we zoomed through the first half of her first grade books and are now working on the second half of them.  (And thanks to Mad Libs she already knows the basic parts of speech).   It really helps having big sisters to try and catch to!


We’ve written everyone’s duties on chalkboards so there’s no more “confusion” as to who is doing what every day.  The only thing that changes is who dies the dishes from day to day.



Neve and Maddie help out with feeding the flock every day (I usually do mornings since I am up before everyone else, and I don’t like letting too much time pass without laying hands on everyone).  Oona’s getting better at dishes, though there’s still some cleanup to be done after her just to be sure.


We’re ready for crisp days and chill nights, fires in the fireplace, applepicking and cozy sweaters.   I hope it lingers this year; our favorite season always seems too short.

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