Making Way For Winter

We took advantage of the three day weekend to get some winterizing and cleaning done.

Paul worked on painting the deck while I got the pantry and kitchen cabinets cleaned out and organized.

The fence surrounding the small paddock got a coat of black paint, and I dug up all the sweet potatoes.

It was the worst, most pathetic harvest ever.


I am a failure as a potato farmer.  Out of 30 plants, this is all there was.  Most were undersized; a lot had some sort of pest damage in them.  I think a combination of crappy soil and the rainiest season this side of the Amazon had parts to play, but it’s hard not to feel completely inept when faced with the outcome of your hard work and investment.  All I know is, thank goodness we can still hunt and gather at Trader Joe’s, because if I had to feed my family from the gardens, we’d starve.  The pigs, on the other hand, were thrilled with the treat of broken and damaged sweet potatoes.

After bemoaning my lack of luscious tubers I cleaned out one chicken coop, treated for lice and mites, and put in fresh bedding.



They seemed to appreciate it.

It’ll be filthy again by mid-week.


Meanwhile the indoor animals are honing their napping all day skills.  Generally in whatever sunny spot they can find, though a quiet bedroom is always a sure bet, too.


With the time change I’ve been getting up much earlier than I had been; it’s so much brighter in the mornings now!  It’s becoming a favorite ritual to be up before anyone else and out in the frosty air to feed and check on everyone outside before heading back into a still, quiet house for a cup of coffee.  I even change back into my pajamas and no one even knows I’ve been out when they come down later, rubbing sleep from their eyes.  I think we’d all like to join the cats and indoor dogs and curl up for the season.



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