Weeding and Purging

This past week has been a mix of monsoon-level rain and dreadful heat and humidity. In short, it’s not been a great week to be outside working on anything.

Yet here we are.

A bad storm whipped through on Thursday night, taking down a big tree on our neighbor’s property and sending it crashing into our fence. I hadn’t realized anything was amiss until I spotted Sabine out of the pasture.

Sabine NEVER leaves the sheep.

Paul spent Friday evening and the better part of Saturday cleaning that mess up. We didn’t bother saying anything to the neighbors. It was all the way in the back where they can’t see it, and why open that can of worms?

The recent storms also took down the patio umbrella, which fell onto the grill, knocking it over and breaking its burners in the process.

There was a lot of cleanup going on this weekend, to say th and least. The upside to all the rain, however, is how easy it made weeding (and stump removal! Paul got a whole lot of stumps pulled out of the pasture!).

With me being gone and no weeding being done for 16 days, the garden certainly had some issues.  Thankfully, though, he deep mulch method really seems to have kept it from getting out of hand entirely. I was able to go in and get much of the weeds taken care of fairly easily. I also picked a good number of zucchini and cucumbers. I’m keeping my eye on the squash bug situation, though, because despite liberal applications of Neem oil before I left th country, there are what feels like an unmanageable amount of the little bastards all over everything.  I sprayed more neem in the evening after the bees had gone in for th night, and have been picking them off as much  I can, but I have so very many plants and only me to manage it. So, fingers crossed!

While I was away the blackberry and raspberry bushes exploded ( the Japanese beetle population did, too, but that’s another story).  I’ve been picking buckets full of blackberries almost daily. If I were better organized this year I might have made some blackberry-infused vodka, or some jam. But alas, my plate is full of other things at the moment.

Like purging!

I came back from Europe with an eye to getting rid of all of the things in my closet and getting a smaller amount of better quality items.  It took me an entire day, and I have very little to wear now, but it’s done. My closet looks so much nicer and cleaner, and Goodwill is going to have quite the windfall!

I haven’t stopped with my closet; I’ve been turning a critical eye to the rest of the house as well. My in-laws gifted us their good China now that they’ve moved into a condo. We didn’t have anything even close to “good” dishes, so I want to make room for it. It’s a lovely pattern with colors that remind me a bit of the Polish pottery my friend Celeste collected when she lived in Germany.





Squash sh plants and sunflower stalks as far as th eye can see!


So so happy to see my hydrangeas blooming. Last year I got zero.


This year’s inaugural strawberry shortcake – hopefully to be followed by many more.

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