While You Were Sleeping

Take a good long look at this face.


This, you see, is the face of evil. Don’t let her adorableness fool you. She is quite diabolical. I cleaned the playroom last night. Then I went to bed. When I woke up, I sent Emily off to school and grabbed the Dyson to finish the cleaning job. Imagine my surprise when I found black and red tempera paint all over the white carpet. It was mostly dry, with some especially thick spots still sporting some offensive stickiness. And next to it, crumpled up on the floor, the dress Neve was wearing at bedtime, also covered in paint. But you know what? As much as the implication of her wandering around in the night unsupervised disturbed me, I didn’t have time to wallow in my horror, since I was expecting company. So I made sure there were no more wet areas and got to vacuuming. I also figured I’d put on a Disney dvd for the kids, but when I went to insert the disc into the player, I couldn’t find it. All I could think was, why had Paul moved the vcr and dvd player? And where???? Well……I found them in a broken heap on the floor behind the tv. I guess in an effort to try and reach them, the mini terror must have pushed them off the top of the tv altogether (never mind that she has been told time and again to ask for help rather than attempt it herself).

Now skip ahead to this evening. (Yes we made it through the day without further disheartening discoveries or instances of evil). Emily, having finished both her homework and her dinner headed up to her room to grab her pink purse that she keeps her little toys in. I heard her screaming Neve’s name before she began stomping down the stairs demanding to know where her purse was. But cute little Neve, who was snuggling me sweetly on the couch, professed her innocence up and down. And since she’d had company much of the day (and I’d locked Emily’s door to boot) I believed her. Emily, however, wasn’t buying it. So I went to look for it. Guess what? A cursory glance of Neve’s closet yielded not only Emily’s purse, but some of my makeup as well!!!  And what was little Neve’s defense?

“I said I didn’t do it  today.”

So let me close out with the one thing keeping me sane , grounded, and from pulling my hair out.  The picture of cuteness.


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