No More Monkeys Jumping on the Bed!

What a weekend!

Friday night I fell asleep on the couch trying to stay up and knit (I’ve started the heel on Maddie’s emo sock!) but sadly it seems once the household has calmed down my eyes just do not want to stay open.  I managed to make it up the stairs around midnight when Paul woke me up.  I’m hoping that daylight savings next week will help me accomplish more knitting in the evenings.  I’ve got so many projects lined up, and the wool keeps calling me to plan more.

Saturday morning the baby had me up pretty early so I was feeling rather groggy……and unprepared when the dog peed on the floor in the playroom.   Fun!!!  So we ended up getting a late start to the day, which was spent getting groceries (more fun).

Emily had a friend spend the night – the daughter of my friend, actually.  And it was going really well for awhile……until Neve tried jumping on them and missed, smacking her face (again with the face!!!) on the headboard of Emily’s bed.  There was an insane amount of blood from the wound next to her left eye, and after washing some of it away, I realized it would require a trip to the ER.   Fortunately they used that skin glue instead of sutures, so we don’t have to go back to have them removed.  But it looks just awful, and she has a really wretched looking black eye.  Apparently she never learned anything from singing that monkey song all the time.  And we felt badly enough about it that later on when we heard her tell the other girls “Uh-oh, I peed myself.  Don’t tell mama and papa!”  we decided not to say anything.

Today’s been relatively low key.  But, we discovered a bunch of relatively fresh, half smoked cigarettes right by our front steps.  And no one here smokes.  No one has been to visit us that has smoked here.  Our house is set back far from the road……so you’d have to purposely cross onto our property to leave them there.  And we don’t always succeed, but we make a real effort to clean up any trash that blows onto our property.  It’s weird.  And scary, because I am here alone most of the time.  Who’s been hanging out on my front porch that shouldn’t be (and helloooooo dog.  why aren’t you doing that barking thing at them you normally do so well?) ????  We’ll clean them up and keep an eye out for any other trash that may surface in our yard…..and I’ll keep my fingers crossed that none does.

Here’s hoping Monday proves boring and uneventful!

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