0 Accidents Since…..ummm……Oh Well

For those of you keeping track, here’s another cracked skull to add to my tally.

Neve was running in the house again (totally against the rules, not that she cares) and managed to trip over her own feet (happens more than you’d believe) and fell and cracked her head pretty hard on the hinge (!!!) of the front door. That’s like a one in a million shot, there I might add….I mean, what are the odds, really?

Anyway, I am sure that the lovely nurses at our doctor’s office thought I was a nutcase when I called, frantically trying to figure out if I should attempt a drive to the ER or just call 911. All I could see was the blood dripping from her head and pooling onto her shirt and then the inch long gash and I about passed out. By the time my mother came over to help out (about the longest 10 minutes of my life) I was shaking.

As it turned out she required 3 stitches to close a nice clean hole that went clean to her skull. 3 hours later she is happily playing on Webkinz and waiting for her papa to come and cuddle her. And did I mention she is thoroughly taking advantage of her “poor baby” status? Pudding, chips, mandarin oranges, cookies, crackers……all the goodies she can stuff down her little throat. Good thing she’s cute.