Finally A Finished Pair!

I’m happy to report that the Vincenzo Socks are done. It took a small threat of imminent mental breakdown but I got a most- of – the – day break from the baby on Monday and knit my little hands off. The socks are done and I felt a bit better at the end of the day. They are a Debbie Bliss pattern in Baby Cashmerino. I love knitting these little socks!

And it’s a good thing Monday was relaxing, because yesterday wasn’t. At least not most of the day. I did manage to pass out on the couch after morning bus stop and woke up, mouth hanging open, drooling. I must’ve really needed that nap.

Then the dog pooped on the bedroom floor. And again on the driveway, twice. Then the neighbor’s dog paid us a visit and tore open the garbage bags that were awaiting pick-up, and it was very windy out, so I spent a good long while chasing it all down and rebagging it. Nothing like old food and dirty diapers all over the muddy, rain – soaked ground.

And I didn’t care. Because a new Deadliest Catch was on last night, and there was no one home to complain about me watching it.