My What Big Horns You Have

My boys are getting so big.  They can’t fit under their mama to nurse anymore, though they sure try.  They’re more difficult to hold in my arms, though I sure try!

And their horns are growing pretty large now, as well.

I’ve been out in the ungodly heat and humidity with them because………drumroll please…………..

I GOT A NEW CAMERA!!!!!!!!!!!!

My Nikon D3000 came today and I have been mokeying around with it all day, trying out various settings and so forth to see how it works. I still have a lot of learning to do in terms of how the camera works, but even my first go round with it has made me ridiculusly happy, since the quality is leaps and bounds beyond my last camera, without having to do much more than point and shoot.  Wait until I get the knack for the various features!

They like to wrestle on top of the chicken tractor.  Goats are  climbers, afterall.

Wish me luck.  I’m off to take pictures of everything I can.

2 thoughts on “My What Big Horns You Have

  1. Two things:
    1. For the first time, ever, I am glad not to be near you- I HATE having my pic taken! (Fear not, it won’t last. I already feel it wearing off as I continue to look at the baby goats…)
    2. You kids, if they feel the same about pics, are going to avoid you like the plague.
    But your pictures are awesome! Have fun!

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