Crazy Party Weekend

I haven’t had a weekend this packed with events in a while.  Usually we’re only busy with chores, but this time there was acutual fun to be had.  We have several birthdays to thank for this.

First, my friend Amy’s kids all had birthdays this month and so they threw a wild Mexican- themed fiesta Saturday night to celebrate all 3.

Hello, food table.  I loved you.  I swear Amy could’ve fed an army.  Which is just as well, since about that many people were there!

Love this dog.  I’ve never seen a more well – behaved, CALM lab, ever.  Think they’d trade for Pippa????

The always – fabulous Amy in her margarita glasses.

My beautiful friend Sallie and her daughter.  I just love these two.

Somehow, with three kids and a full – time job she still has the energy to plan and organize a huge bash like this complete with games for the kids.

Sombreros for all!!!!!

Even the littlest birthday boy gets a pinata………..

While the oldest gets a face full of cake.  At least it matches her skirt!

My girls had a blast, I got to hang out with some great friends and stuff myself with all kinds of good food and then I got to go home and plan for today: Neve’s 7th birthday.

That’s right!  My middle terror turned 7.

So sad.  Seems like just yestereday she was a toddler trying to steal mama’s “crappucino”.

Yes, she asked for the Cyndi Lauper Barbie doll.  This both amuses me and makes me feel very old.

She’s had quite an eventful 7 years, and she’s got the scars to prove it.

This world does NOT know what it is in for.

If they can learn how to share, this little one just might help her older sister take over the Universe some day.

Along with their butthead llama who is easily bribed with food.

PS – mom and I got Jerry half shaved today.  Who knew electric shears could make such a difference??!!  We’ll get his other half when he’s calmed down a bit from having the first half done.

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