Little Green Balls!

Finally, more than two months after sowing the little seeds indoors, one of my tomato plants has finally sprouted some little green balls!

Looks like they’ll be ready around the same time as the basil I planted out front.  Tomato-Bail pesto, here we come!!!!

Mostly the gardens out front are in serious need of weeding, re-planting and re-organizing.  I’ve been working on it as the weather allows, but it’s either been dangerous – stormy (tornado watches already!) or killer hot and humid.  The kind of killer hot and humid  that makes me want to commit complete and total herbicide and forget the whole blasted thing.  And people wonder why central air is so important to me.

The bee balm is growing in nicely, though.

Anyway, back to the pesto.  It’s my favorite summer food.  I put it on everything I can.  Including the muffuletta I made last night.

With homemade boule.

Stuffed with ham, salami, provolone and marinated artichoke hearts.  So yummy.

Even Mabel seemed to know something yummy was going on in the kitchen.

I really think she wants to be a house chicken.  She likes to hop the gate and hang out on the back porch.  It drives Pippa nuts.

But it gives Emily an opportunity for chicken snuggles.

Personally, I prefer furrier creatures for snuggling.

One thought on “Little Green Balls!

  1. of the little green balls. IF we see any, it will be the end of August. And that’s a big IF.
    Also, please warn me before showing the extreme cuteness of your goats. I can’t handle it.

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