And Now the Bad News

We’ve been looking here and there at some small farms in the area and fallen in love with some. We’ve had our hearts set on more than one only to be disappointed when they’ve been snatched up. We still are waiting on our tax return – even though we filed on the very first day allowable – and we are depending on that to give us the cash we need to move. As if that weren’t frustrating enough, now I’ve had so much chicken – related woes that I am losing sleep  over it.
We got  48 chicks from a hatchery and we promptly lost 12 to what we think is “pasty butt” a condition that shipped chicks can sometimes get. I did everything I could to save the remaining chicks and thought we were in the clear. We’ve been having to keep them in the garage because the brooder-shed was not warm enough even with the heat lamps, and I fear that we may not have lost as many had that been better heated. Now we’re losing more. Paul and Emily moved them back out to the brooder since it’s been much warmer and they are older and we wanted them to have more room, but we’ve lost 4 more  in the past two days. I don’t even know what I am doing wrong but I can’t bear it.
On top of that, my grown chickens have been roaming free because our fencing system had broken down, and they were flying over the gates. I was very worried for them so I made a smaller pen out of the t-posts and welded wire from the larger pen. They still would not stay in it.
Today I clipped their wings. I think this might finally be what keeps them in place and safe, but just as I was starting to have some sort of faith in the universe again, we discovered that sweet Benny, our one and only blue egg – layer, is gone. She is nowhere to be found, and I am heart sick.

I can’t express how deeply I resent this house, this property and the whole broken – down housing market right now.  I am desperate to be away from here and in a better position where I am allowed guard animals and there’s a  real fencing system to protect our flock.

Despite all of this, I want to thank all of you who have been such an amazing support for us through all of this mess and who still believe in us.  Knowing that you are all out there pulling for us is truly what gets me through.

4 thoughts on “And Now the Bad News

  1. So so sorry. Sounds like a really rough time for you and your family. I’ll be sending the good vibe and hope things turn around quickly for you.

  2. Sorry things are rough. Crossing my fingers for your blue egg layer. I hope she comes home soon. Sending warm thoughts & chicken-finding mojo your way.

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