On Hold

This week normal life has been on hold while the girls are at theater camp preparing to perform in The Princess And The Pea.  It’s a week – long camp hosted by Charlottesville’s Paramount Theater in conjunction with Missoula Children’s Theater.

Children audition for their parts on Monday (everyone who is registered gets a part), rehearse all week, and present the play on Saturday.

Since the theater is a bit of a drive and Oona’s schedule is a bit shorter than the older girls I have been in town pretty much all week and away from home.  It’s been stressful, crazy, fun and a total whirlwind.  We can’t believe that the performance is tomorrow already!

In the meantime the gardens and the house have been completely neglected.

The sheep and goats have of course not been!  In fact I had a hectic day meeting the vet back here to administer copper boluses to everyone for parasite control and then screaming back into town to pick up the kids.  The same amount of work is still going into livestock care; the hours have just shifted a bit.  Still, it will be a nice return to normal after Saturday!


Hidden cache of eggs discovered in the mint.



There’s always time to play with lambs!




Oona named the surprise new chick “Dorito”.

And now I am back off into the whirlwind.  We’ll be celebrating the Solstice on Sunday, and we can’t wait.




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