Fall Farm Prep

Although summer seems to have been hiding out here in October, the work of prepping the farm for winter has to continue.

We’ll soon be cleaning out all the chicken coops, spraying them down with cleaners and such and filling them full of fresh bedding.

The sweet potatoes will hopefully have survived the cruel summer and be harvested before long, after which time the pigs will be moved into the big back garden to till it all up and fertilize it for next spring.

The water tanks will be emptied and scrubbed of algae build-up and the tank heaters will be inspected to be sure they are in proper working order.

The front gardens will be tilled under and mulched.

The front and back decks will be scrubbed and re-stained, since the summer’s humidity and hard rains have brought on a nasty case of mildew.

The flock will be moved to a small paddock while the field gets seeded for spring.

And the flock itself……..well, that part’s already been done.  The angora goats and black Border Leicesters have been sheared.

Emily came last weekend and took care of them for us while her little one frolicked with mine.


I love how worried they always look.


Emily also trims down their hooves for us.


The sun-bleached outer coat of wool falls away, revealing a much different color underneath.


Little Mr. Bates, awaiting his turn.


Roquefort, the handsome rapscallion.


Patmore and Darby snuggled afterwards.

All the black sheep look shiny and new after their haircuts; the white sheep are unsure what to make of them (they won’t get sheared until spring).

Hopefully we’ll be returning to more hospitable temperatures soon and we can resume the business of readying for winter.

You can’t ever be too prepared!

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