How To Throw A Party Like A Pro

What happens when two talented cooks/restauranteurs throw a 5th birthday bash for their son?

A fantastic party with amazing food on a beautiful fall Sunday.

My friend Lisa and Will had us (plus many, many, many) other people to celebrate Alston’s big day.  Oona fairly wore herself out playing in the leaves and chasing ducks and dogs and other kids around while Maddie acted as official baby-watcher for darling little Marie.


Just look at that baby!




Tree stump chairs by the fire and food.



Pumpkin cupcakes with cream cheese frosting.  I know, you’re jealous.  Yes, they were every bit as amazing as they sound.




I mentioned the food, right?  Aside from the fall-themed appetizer spread there was pulled pork and coleslaw.  And it was YUM.

Maddie and Emily and I drank gallons of the hot apple cider (and I may have sampled some of the hard cider as well……)




The little man of the hour!





Will by the fire, which was perfect: not too hot for such a sunny day, but just warm enough for the chill in the air.

Fall parties like this are my favorite kind.  The bugs are mostly gone, the leaves are stunning, the campfire isn’t sweltering, the food is warming.

It’s one of the best ways to turn 5!


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