Laziness All Around

I can’t even believe Christmas is over.  It hasn’t quite sunk in.  The day itself came and went in a flash; the season itself never quite had a chance to find the right “feel”.

It was still a quiet, lovely holiday, with our traditional pigs in a blanket and chocolate cream pie.  In the evening we watched the new episode of Doctor Who with my friend Jessie’s family.

Since then I have been struggling to do as little as humanly possible.  A staycation of sorts.  It’s not always easy, or even possible, what with animals and children.  But I’ve certainly spent more than my fair share of time on Pinterest and Twitter, and even more time complaining about the awful unseasonable weather (rain, rain, more rain).

I may get some sewing or knitting done this week; more likely I’ll download some books and glue myself to the couch.


I’ll also try to soak up as many scenes like this as I can before the lovely ambience of the tree goes away for another year.





Everyone was happy with their gifts (and I can’t wait to try some recipes with Emily).


Neve and her twin, Grumpycat.



I may make another pie later.  If there’s one thing that can rouse me from my extreme unwillingness to move, it’s food.


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