Some Days

Some days all goes well and I feel like the most fortunate person in the world here on my micro-farm.  Because really, when you come right down to it, all the place needs is some cleaning up, clearing out, and some beautification (yeah, we’re owrking on it, slowly) and it’ll be great.  We even have a pool we’re getting ready to install.  Most of the time I can cure any of my various ills by spending some time with the critters, be they indoor (Japser cat!) or outdooor.  Some days, though……some days make me want to change my name, move to Timbuktu and pretend I never met any of these people before.

That day was yesterday.  Obviously I did not move, nor did I change my name.  I did try to pretend I didn’t know any of these people, but theywouldn’t let me.

It started on Sunday.  I decided it was high time to get the back garden planted.  Problem was, the tiller wasn’t functional.  So, I did it all by hand.  Just me and a shovel.  That back garden is HUGE.

There’s at least 4 feet between each of those posts, to give you an idea.  This was how it looked last year.  Now there’s grass grown all in around it and it was full of weeds I had to pull out.  By the end of the day I was very, very sore.  The good news was I had all the corn, potatoes and butternut squash planted.  I ended up taking a shower around 10 pm with Oona because I felt filthy after all that and she has been miserable with allergies.

Yesterday morning I woke up feeling like I’d been chewed up and spit out.  My muscles were all on fire, my head was threatening another migraine, my ears were crazy itchy, and my throat was swollen and sore.  I wanted. to. die.  So…..I stayed shut in the bedroom, lounging in bed while Oona stayed with me and watched Spongebob.  I drifted off at some point, and woke up to, “SNIP!  SNIP!”.  The unmistakable sound of scissors being used.

The bedroom door had been flung open and there she sat, next to me, my big sewing scissors in hand, shredding her pajamas.  Her hair, which had just this past week been fixed by a hairdresser, was missing chunks right down to the scalp.  Several barbies lay strewn about, locks missing.  I can’t even tell you.  I was so mad.  After that I felt I couldn’t properly rest or recoup, especially because all the kids had apparently decided to make the house as unsanitary as possible, and stinky to boot.

I didn’t kill my kids, I didn’t run away (though a mini vacation for me is taking shape in my mind…..details to be worked out later).  I can’t honeslty tell you how I made it through the day.

Oh yeah and did I mention the dog ruined the living room carpet?  Big pile of poop + Neve = ground in anstiness that cannot be cleaned.  We had to order a new rug.

Anyone want a dog????

Switching gears.

Rather than start a whole new post for this, I figure I’d leave you with the  happy parts from today.  We let the babies out to play for awhile.

Jerry decided to hang out in the chicken tractor today.  I have no idea how he even fit in there.

And lastly, a video of the babies playing and jumping.

4 thoughts on “Some Days

  1. I LOVE it! Jerry being the gaurd dog, all the babies bouncing…..including Oona! I love your blog, I read it often 🙂 You inspire me to create and cook!

  2. Maybe you should put all your scissors in that locked pantry. Or just leave Oona out there with Jerry… it looks like he’s got it all under control… lol.

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