Springing Up

What do you do when the entire northeast is digging out from a nor’easter?

You make way for spring!Of course, you know I’d rather be digging out, too.  A big snow storm is a great excuse to stay by the fire and finally finish a knitting project or seven.

Sadly, instead of snow, we have our spring bulbs popping up everywhere.


It’s only February, you poor, confused little darlings.

No matter.  It’s a sign that it’s high time I take down the exterior Christmas lights and garlands.

Yes, I know.  Shut up.


It’s certainly good weather for the chickens.  There are some little bugs and bug larvae just starting to peep out of the soil and our free-rangers (actually they are escapees) love to be there to gobble them right up.  Hopefully this also means that we’ll be getting eggs again soon.  Everyone’s been on strike since December.  I’ve had to buy eggs at the grocery store for the first time in years. Thank goodness the days are getting longer again!

All of this greening up is also a sign that I need to get to work getting the rest of the brush cleared out to make way for garden space and to prevent dastardly varmints like snakes from making homes there.


Neve has been having probably too much fun helping me build burn piles.  But, if you can’t sit inside by the fire and knit, you can certainly sit out by the fire and read.  Especially if you’re paranoid about fire and you need to keep an eye on it.



I brought out my Kindle and was able to read a bit in between keeping the fire going and keeping it from getting out of control.

The good news is that two big piles have been taken care of.  The bad news is……..there is still sooooo much more to go.  And go it must.  I have to be able to get a small fence in around the goat shed and I won’t have time to keep clearing it up once March hits because….

drumroll please

At least one of our sheep is showing signs of carrying lambs!

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