Sweet Tradition

Happy Valentine’s Day!

We look forward to this day every year for one reason: Chinese Take-Out.

When Paul and I had been married for about 3 years or so and were deciding to spend our romantic evening curled up in front of the tv with some take-out it dawned on me: we had done chinese food every Valentine’s Day since we’d been together.  Thus, a tradition was born!  We have done it every year since – this year being the 17th.

I am a big sucker for traditions, and thankfully my kids are as well.  It makes it easier to make a holiday or event special without having to go “all out”; you don’t have the stress of having to decide what you are going to do.   Everyone knows that February 14th is for dumplings, spring rolls, and stir fry, and they ask for little else.

Another tradition that we like is to buy the left over Valentine candy on clearance the day AFTER.  It’s usually 75% off, if you can find a store that still has some stock left.

For my Book Club we have a different February tradition: fondue.  It also happened accidentally – we just happened to do fondue the last two Februarys and decided we were on to something.  This year we had 3 kinds: traditional cheese fondue, chocolate, and salted caramel.

The point is that these traditions make the year that much more fun; there are little things to look forward to scattered all throughout and excuses to spend time with the people you care about.

So go! Go forge a new tradition for this often pushy and demanding holiday and find something you will look forward to the rest of the year!


The kids made paper heart garlands today.  Aren’t they sweet?

One thought on “Sweet Tradition

  1. When I was little my Mom made a heart-shaped cake. I now have the cake pans and make a cake every Valentine’s day. This year was red velvet with cream-cheese frosting.

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