Socks for Vincenzo

I am cheating on the Emo Socks. I said I wouldn’t, but now that they’re going to Emily instead of Maddie I’ve lost some steam. So I’ve been working on cute little baby socks instead for a cute little man I know. They’re a Debbie Bliss pattern and they’re in my favorite “chocolate & blue” color combo.


I also have realized I’ve been doing nothing but socks for awhile so I think I may cheat some more and work on the kitty pi bed.  And I still have many a sweater OTN……….. which leads me to another thought.  I haven’t gotten a lot done since the baby came.  She wants to be held (by me only, to boot) ALL the time.  She has some down time in her new Jumperoo, but I have to be less than 3 feet away at all times or it’s all over.


Since she’s so very sweet and I love her so very much, this is ok.  However, I do think it is monumentally unfair that performing all childcare and household tasks with a baby in your arms doesn’t make you automatically skinny.   I mean, really.   Like this morning when it’s cold and raining and the do has to go out to pee but I can’t hold the baby, the leash AND an umbrella, so I tried to stand on the porch while the dog does her business, but she won’t leave the porch and o out in the rain unless I do (because she, like my children, is a princess.  See here for proof:

princess-pip.jpg )

SO she sat at the door and whined all morning, but wouldn’t go.  All because I don’t have 3 arms.  But, I’ll enjoy it anyway, because Oona’ll be grown all too soon and then I will miss these days and be tempted to have another (Talk me out of it, please!!!).

Meanwhile we had a very busy weekend.  Emily went to her brownie scout father daughter dance and had a blast.


AND, I got a new toy:


Yeah, baby.  A chest freezer! A new place to store my yarn!! (just kidding.  But seriously, I know the Yarn Harlot does it….)

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