Nitpickers Extraordinaire

Thank you, yes, we’ve weathered head lice pretty well.  Seems Emily’s the only one in this house to have gotten it.  That didn’t stop it from spreading to Maddie, who managed to be even worse off.  As for the rest of us we get unimaginably itchy just thinking about it.

This week is spring break for the girls so I am enjoying sleeping in and staying up a little later at night without the worry of oversleeping and missing Emily’s bus.

I also managed to make 2 loaves of homemade white bread, a loaf of banana bread, and a batch of Chocolate Chunk Cherry and Pecan Oatmeal Cookies.  What else do you do with a cold and rainy spring weekend?  (You know, besides majorly clean your kids’ rooms and discover a certain 4 year old’s secret stash of stolen objects hidden in a deep dark corner of her closet, the walls of which she has decorated quite extensively with crayon, markers, stickers and your $8 tube of lip gloss)

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